Latarnie stylowe i nowoczesne oświetlenie


Stylish lanterns characterized by designs of many eras, are used in the organization and arrangement of restored centuries old town squeres and railway stations, as well as on the spaces of parks and gardens.

We create small decorative lanterns, which highlight the unique atmosphere of parks and gardens, as well as the complex lighting systems.

An important role in contemporary architecture have lanterns, which can be described as modern lighting and perfectly matched to them elements of small architecture. These products are characterized by an interesting, futuristic design, which combines functionality and aesthetics.

Integral and complementary part of the stylish lanterns and modern lighting are lighting fixtures, mounted directly on poles or on one or multi-arm stylish crowns or brackets.

The whole composition is complemented by decorated in the same climate - wall lamps, benches, information boards, clocks and posts road.

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