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The supporting steel structures for medium-voltage electric power lines are alternative solutions for spun concrete poles. Their smaller weight compared with the spun concrete columns as well as the ability to share of high poles on shorter sections allows easier transport and the possibility of making a foundation for an existing line. It makes steel poles increasingly find their application in lines SN being an interesting alternative for spun concrete poles. In our offer you will find a wide variety of poles in heights from 12 to 30m and with peak forces from 20 kN to 50 kN. Columns are labeled with the CE mark of conformity with PN-EN 1090-1, hot-dip galvanized according to PN EN ISO 1461 and additionally protected with special anti-corrosion paint on the bottom of the foundation. Foundation engineering of the poles involves screwing the panels to the poles, to settle in the well or by screwing with anchors in the previously made foundation. Selecting the way of foundation engineering depends on the height and a peak force of the pole. Poles can fulfill its role as suspension poles, tension poles, angle poles, cable poles and others, and can be equipped with various devices such as disconnectors, circuit breakers, transformers, etc. For more information about poles ESN, please contact us.

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