Stalowe konstrukcje odgromowe


SKO - the steel structure for lightning protection manufactured by Elmonter, is a new product which is the successor to the supporting structure KWH. Using many years of experience in planning, consulting and designing, engineers of company Elmonter created a product which is a symbol of quality and safety, and the using of high quality materials and advanced technology ensure effective protection of the health and property of our customers and long-term and reliable exploitation of the structure.
SKO is a mast for lightning protection, aimed at ensuring the protection zone surrounding buildings against dangerous effects of the lightning. Its main task is to intercept the lightning current and using a properly designed lightning protection system to bring it safe and scatter it in the ground.
The structure has been designed in accordance with the technical knowledge and the latest requirements:
PN-EN 1991: impact on structures,
PN-EN 1993: designing of steel structures,
PN-EN 1461: zinc coatings applied on steel products and iron products by immersion,
PN-EN 1090: execution of steel and aluminum structures,
PN-EN 62305: lightning protection.
Electrical design of a lightning protection SKO is valued and implemented for our clients individually, depending on the characteristics of the protected object and its surroundings. In order to ensure the highest safety and security of our customers, the design is created using advanced computer software and the current standards PN-EN. This allows you to make a precise assessment of risk and a selection the class of lightning protection system that ensures the protection of the highest quality.

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